David Bowman, LMFT

Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Coaching

I deliver psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching that helps clients make meaningful changes in their lives, either inwardly, outwardly, or both.  I provide the service of a caring, non-judgmental, and nurturing confidant, one whose only agenda is the client’s mental health.

David’s Latest Posts

What’s Normal About Coupling?

Heterosexuality and monogamy are so privileged by Western society that when homosexual or gender-fluid relationships are allowed—or even sanctioned—their validity and functionality are still judged against a heteronormative, monogamy-normative standard...

The Broken-hearted Boys: The Not-So-Gay World of Crystal Meth Recovery

Any Los Angeles therapist working with the gay community cannot fail to be saddened by the prevalence of crystal meth and the abundance of users and addicts of all races, all socio-economic classes, and every intelligence level imaginable. From the rooms of...


Stop Yourself from Stopping Yourself After spending some time doing psychotherapy, many of my clients have identified changes they would like to make in themselves and their lives, and we have worked together to map out goals, objectives, and even detailed plans and...

The Father You Always Wanted

In an earlier article, I introduced the subject of “daddy issues,” that is, problems faced by sons who either have troubled relationships with their fathers or whose fathers were largely absent during their childhood, either physically or emotionally. In Absent...

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The Mysteries of Masculinity

When I was a child, my parents gave me a framed copy of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If,” which ends (after an endless litany of requirements) with the punch line: “You’ll be a Man, my son!” The truth is, if you can follow all the dictates outlined in that poem, you’ll be...

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7 Guidelines for Successful Therapy

It is very rare that we have one, single motive or reason for doing what we do. We are mixtures of competing and colluding internal voices, both conscious and unconscious, that control our choices and range of possible behaviors. Understanding them to make intelligent...

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My passion is to provide psychotherapy to clients who want to explore the underpinnings of behaviors formed long years ago; I provide counseling to those who are looking for advice from someone with a great deal of life experience and years of psychological study; and I also provide coaching to people who have determined what change they want and need some help putting their plans into action.  Clients benefit from my eclectic approach, from psychodynamic to Cognitive Behavioral, from 12-step to Rational-Emotive—I use the modality that I think will benefit the client most. Clients have always remarked on how easy it is to talk to me!